Mitech's Custom Made Valves

 Mitech's Custom Made Valves

Mitech's Custom Made Valves

10 February 2015

Mitech’s bespoke valves are specially engineered for each application. With installations around the world, its valves have proven to be robust, long lasting and engineered exactly to customers’ requirements. Examples include 600 bar pressure drops on water, a 950°C gas application and many more.

Mitech’s portfolio of bespoke products includes specially made valves, valves manufactured from alternative materials to cope with difficult or aggressive media, customised valves and special valve packages. Mitech works closely with its customers to identify and supply the right products, developing new products as technology and application requirements advance.

The standard Mitech Globe Control valve can be used for many applications and offers high positioning accuracy, tight shut-off, low noise, cavitation control, energy-dissipating trims and compact sizing, as well as robust construction. With its modular design, the valve can be easily adapted to meet many special requirements, such as high or low temperatures, corrosive duties, three-way configuration and high-pressure drop applications.

All Mitech’s valves are designed and manufactured locally using raw materials. The valves’ body materials are manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, chrome-moly and special alloys that are ideal material for high-pressure and extreme operating conditions.

The bespoke valves are found in all the major process industries including petrochemical, mining, iron and steel, pulp and paper, power generation, food and beverage, oil and gas, mineral processing and more.

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