Mitech Damper Valve

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Custom designed to suit various applications

Mitech’s Dampers are ideally configured for gas control applications where a tight shutoff is not required. They can be made suitable for high pressures and/or temperatures and are much more cost-effective in these applications than Disk valves.

Dampers are effectively similar to Butterfly valves except that they are not fitted with Damper to body seals.

Dampers are subject to a leak rate not exceeding 1% of their rated flow. Bodies and disks can be manufactured from carbon or stainless steels and shaft seals can be either PTFE or graphite, depending on the operating temperatures.

Dampers can be produced in flanged, wafer or lugged pattern and can be designed in single-door, double-door or oblong vane-type configurations. They are available in sizes from 200 mm to 2 500 mm with flange ratings of up to #600. Larger sizes are available upon request.

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