Mitech Desuperheaters / Attemperators

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Conventional, Spillback and Steam Atomising

The Desuperheaters have been designed with the aim of reducing plant maintenance by manufacturing a unit that is easy to install, lightweight, and has no moving parts. All units are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and PED quality approval systems.

Both desuperheating and attemporating are processes where water is added to superheated steam to control the temperature to a set value.

  • Engineered for each application
  • Conventional, Conventional Steam Flow and Steam Atomising designs
Key Features Key Benefits
Simple and easy to install Lightweight
No moving parts in the steam flow Reduced maintenance
Turndown of up to 3:1 Best for low turndown applications
Can be mounted in any position One piece body mounted into T-piece
Low pressure drop across the unit Accurate temperature control to within ± 1º C of set point
Robust design Long lasting
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