Mitech Globe Control Valve

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The modular, flexible option

Mitech Globe Control valves are general purpose control valves that can be engineered to solve both complex and basic requirements. Their robust construction makes them long-lasting and easy to maintain, while their modular design makes them easy to specify, reducing spares inventory requirements.

  • From standard to severe service
  • ½” to 24” NB
  • Up to ANSI 4500
  • Tight shut-off, low noise, cavitation control, energy dissipating trims

Clamp in Place, Free Float Design

The entire Mitech range of control valves utilises the clamp in place, free float design. All trim components are designed to clamp in place so the valve can be quickly configured to the users specific process needs. The free float of the seat and plug during assembly means that stem, plug and seat alignment is easily achieved. When compared to alternative designs, the free float design provides the user with longer stem seal life and better valve shut-off performance.

The simplicity of build also means that maintenance is quick and easy, with no special tools required to achieve the design performance of the valve.

Key Features Key Benefits
General purpose valve Solves basic and complex requirements
Robust construction Long lasting
Modular design Reduces spares
Suitable for high pressure and extreme temperature conditions Versatile and eliminates noise or cavitation problems
Can be adapted for corrosive fluids Versatile
Various sizes Versatile
Pneumatic, electro-pneumatic or smart positioners Versatile
Local CFD design Can be engineered to suit a specific application
Wide range of materials Can be engineered to suit a specific application
ZZ or disk stack Potential cost reduction on smaller sizes
Compact design Suitable for retrofitting
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