Mitech High Pressure Stop Globe Valve

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High performance for demanding applications

Mitech’s High Pressure Stop Globe Valves feature the same robust, low maintenance design characteristics as the rest of the Mitech range of control valves.

Designed to handle some of the industry’s most extreme high pressure and high temperature applications, while providing low cost, hassle-free inline maintenance. This one piece forged body design is available in the following:

  • T-pattern body style
  • Sizes ½” through 2”
  • Pressure rating up to ANSI 2500
  • Temperature rating -29°C to 620°C
  • Materials A105, A182-F22, A182-F91, A182-F316
Key Features Key Benefits
One piece die-forged body Pressure containment in one vessel. No threaded or bolted pressure retaining parts.
Replaceable seat Low maintenance cost. All parts extract from body in one piece.
Graphite packing system Long lasting packing configuration. Live loading optional.
Anti-rotating stem No torsion applied to packing system.
Travel indication and lock-out mechanism Valve position visible at all times. Safety lock out procedure at small travel increments.
Yoke flange Easily accommodate various actuator designs.
Stellited plug and seat High erosion resistance. Tight shut off.
High Pressure Stop Globe Valve

Extreme high pressure & temperature applications for the following:

  • Boiler Feedwater Systems
  • Drains & Vents
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Fuel & Oil Regulation Systems
  • Pressure Reducing Stations
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