Mitech Pneumatic Linear Actuators

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Compact and versatile

The Linear Actuator is easy to mount, is offered in various sizes and is suitable for use on most linear valve types.

Compact in design, it is rated for 1 000 kPa and has an anodised aluminium cylinder and a stainless steel shaft. Larger sizes use a steel cylinder.

  • Pneumatic piston design
  • 195 000 Newtons
  • Engineered and fitted to most valves
  • Available in large sizes
Key Features Key Benefits
Double acting or fail open / fail closed Versatile
Anodised aluminium cylinder (steel on larger sizes) Robust
Stainless steel shaft Corrosion resistant
Compact design Efficient use of space
Easy to mount User-friendly
Large thrusts achievable Suitable for use on diaphragm or pinch valves
Long stroke capability Versatile
Parts interchangeability with Rotary Actuator range Low cost of ownership
Spares required - standard O-Rings Low cost of ownership
Rated for 1 000 kPa No need for regulators
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