Mitech Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

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Custom designed to suit various applications

The Rotary Actuator is a low maintenance unit. It is available with either a double crank mechanism for modulating control or a scotch yoke mechanism for on / off duty.

The main shaft assembly on the double crank design is welded together and therefore does not have to be assembled / disassembled.

The actuator is field reversible from clockwise-to-close to clockwiseto-open and has Namur mounting for switch packs or positioners on the top shaft and transfer case lid.

  • Pneumatic piston design
  • Double crank, scotch yoke
  • Up to 250 000 Nm torque
  • Engineered and fitted to most valves
  • Available in large sizes
Key Features Key Benefits
Choice of double crank or scotch yoke mechanism Can select best mechanism for optimum control and cost effectiveness
Square drive Actuator can be mounted perpendicular to or inline with pipework
Field reversible from clockwise-to-close to clockwise-to-open Base mounting of actuator irrespective of valve type and fail action
Adjustable end stops End position can be externally adjusted in both open and closed position to within 7°
Pressure seals are all simple ‘O’ rings Low maintenance costs
Single spring design - pre-stressed in detachable pack Easy to assemble and to disassemble
Namur mounting details on top shaft and transfer case lid Standard bracket for all positioners and accessories - no coupling required
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