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Long Service Life With Reduced Maintenance

The locally designed and manufactured Rotating Disc Valves feature a unique rotating/shearing disc which provides a self-lapping rotation and enhanced seat cleaning action which cuts through solids giving a long-lasting tight shut-off.

The metal-to-metal seating makes the valves abrasion resistant over a wide temperature range. Their high pressure capability, which is better than industry standards, allows the force to be distributed over a larger area resulting in reduced trim wear.


The openness of the valve body provides space for the product to be freely displaced by the lever arm and disc with each cycle. Fines cannot compact in small open areas and possibly jam components as is the case with other valve concepts.

Each time the valve opens to discharge the product, a vortex is caused by the eccentric body to port configuration. The settled media swirls, thereby cleaning the valve’s interior.

Key Features Key Benefits
Unique rotating shearing disc Self lapping disc, enhanced seat cleaning action
Metal to metal seating Abrasion resistant, wide temperature range
Wide band seating High pressure capability, better sealing than industry standard
Full port Abrasion resistant, no obstruction to flow, minimal pressure drop
Rotating stem Increased packing life, wide selection of actuators
Self draining body Reduced chance of jamming due to material entrainment, stagnation and degradation
Body purge connections Ability to flush valve cavity and internals while in operation
Repairable seat Reduced inventory, less maintenance
Simplicity in design Minimal parts, long service life
Rotating Disc Valve

Tight shut off applications due to self lapping rotation for mediums such as:

  • Steam
  • Ash
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Corrosive media
  • Coke
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