Mitech Sweep Angle Valves

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Custom Designed to Suit Various Applications

Mitech’s Sweep Angle Control valve is ideally configured for service with highly erosive liquids where pressures and/or temperatures are too high for pinch valves or similar slurry valves, and also for applications where severe flashing is expected.

The plug and seat can be manufactured in hard material (up to and including Tungsten Carbide or other Ceramics) and the body can be boronized or coated with High Velocity Spray Coated Tungsten Carbide in critical areas.

Key Features Key Benefits
Flow-to-close configuration Cavitation / flashing occurs outside the valve
Few components in the flow path Less maintenance and reduced life-cycle costs
The seat ring is clamped between the valve body and the downstream pipework Eliminates the need for a traditional retainer or cage
Special design of body flow path Eliminates any sharp changes in direction
Available in 1” to 16” models Versatile
Flange ratings up to #2500 Designed for application
Larger sizes are available upon request Reduces spares i.e. only spares required would be plug, seat, seat gasket and stem packing
Sweep Angle Valves

The below applications with focus on Flashing & Cavitation control, High temperature & pressure erosive and viscous adhesives:

  • Boiler Feedwater Systems
  • Drains & Vents
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Fuel & Oil Regulation Systems
  • Pressure Reducing Stations
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