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VT Ball Valve

Design Features

Integral metal seat. With ValvTechnologies’ trademarked HVOF RiTech® coating process, the integral seat in ValvTechnologies’ rotary operating valves are resistant from the attack of abrasive magnetite or ferrous oxides in the steam flow.

Body seal ring. ValvTechnologies employs a field proven seal ring technology to ensure sealing under all operating conditions up to 1500°F. The body seal ring is loaded at a pressure higher than 20,000 psi. In addition, valves sized 3” and above contain a secondary grafoil seal to further guarantee reliability.

Patented coating process. The sealing surfaces are overlaid with tungsten or chromium carbide using our HVOF RiTech® coating process. These surfaces have a hardness of 68 - 72 Rc to provide uninterrupted operation in the most severe conditions.

Live-loaded gland area. The V Series’ sealing design features a four stud, live-loaded assembly designed for heavy industrial applications. The sealing material is high purity Grafoil® surrounded by stainless steel wire mesh anti-extrusion rings. The six Belleville springs (per stud) provide constant load pressure through extreme thermal shocks and prevent wear leaks in high-cycle ser vice.

True blow-out proof stem. ValvTechnologies’ design utilizes a one-piece, hard-faced, blow-out proof stem that is inserted through the inside of the body cavity eliminating the possibility of blow-out through the gland area.

Absolute zero-leakage. ValvTechnologies tests every valve according to ANSI procedures, however, we toughen the standard and define zero-leakage as no detectable leakage of gas or a liquid for a period of three minutes or greater. The ValvTechnologies’ standard is zero drops and zero bubbles, guaranteed.

VT Ball Valve

Boiler systems:

  • Sootblower systems
  • Turbine steam & extraction
  • Auxiliary steam systems
  • Pressure reducing stations
  • Steam pressure control
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